BIPOLAR is a bold Romanian brand set out to offer an alternative to mall fast-fashion. We are your lifestyle partner, a street-smart hybrid adding a punk-rock twist to the elegance of the 20s or 50s. Since 2011 we have been dressing interesting ladies who look and feel good in Converse shoes or Dr. Martens boots, but also in high-heels when noblesse oblige.

We don't believe in fashion. We believe in smart clothes, in versatile outfits that adapt to any situation, that compliment any mood. Our collections are born out of a mix of styles, textures and ideas, crystalized around intense attention for fabric quality, details and finishing, utility and functionality. BIPOLAR was born on the post-consumerist wave: we don't care for trends, we produce few pieces, we don't take the chance for you to run into someone wearing your outfit at the same party.

We favor natural fabrics as much as we can (silk, cotton, linen, wool). For no more than 20% of the time we use whichever fabric just inspires us. BIPOLAR clothes come in diverse shapes and sizes, making sure you will find your most flattering fit: loose or tight, transparent or opaque, office or street wear, day or night, masculine or feminine, we are here to dress all moments in your day with honest attitude.

Between the lines and hidden details of each item, BIPOLAR tells the story of women who have outgrown the illusion of control, who have stared down their shadows and have learned to work with them. Our clothes match personalities that can embrace both plus and minus, both darkness and light.

For those about to rock with us, we salute you,

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